Neoplasia ( Part 2 ) : Molecular Basis of Cancer (HD)


Neoplasia ( Part 2 ) : Molecular Basis of Cancer (HD)
A brief discussion on "Molecular Basis of Cancer" .
Topics Include :
- What lies at the heart of Carcinogenesis ?
- Fundamental Principles To Understand Cancer
- Non Lethal Mutation in Carcinogenesis
- Monoclonality of Cancer
- X Chromosome Inactivation To Understand Monoclonality
- Polymorphic X Linked Markers
- 4 Regulatory Genes As Targets For Genetic Damage
- Proto-oncogene
- Oncogene
- Tumor Suppressor Gene
- Roles of Gene That Regulate DNA Repair & Apoptosis
- "Speeding Car" Metaphor to understand relationship between Proto-oncogene & Tumor Suppressor Gene
- Essential Alterations For Malignant Transformation
- Telomere & It's Role In Cancer 
- Flow Chart Depicting Molecular Basis of Cancer

This is the second video I made on Neoplasia Topic.
I recommend to watch Neoplasia ( Part 1 ) first before watching this video for better understanding.

Hope it is helpful. - Dr. Rabiul

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